Spiral / Ornamental Stairs
With our honed techniques and attention to detail,
we produce stairs of polished metal worthy enough to be called works of art.

Our team comes together
to produce master craftwork

At Yokomori, we incorporate computers into
every step of our work process, from the
design to the installation, to methodically and
systematically manufacture stairs.
Yet, are you also aware of our team, and the
reverence we have for experience, intuition,
and above all, technical skill?

Skill further honed
through ornamental metal work

Yokomori, now famous as a stairs maker, got
its start in 1951 specializing in the design,
fabrication and installation of metalwork for
Since then, we applied our skills and entered
into the field of ornamental metal work.
The various jobs we’ve had the pleasure of
handling over the years have also honed the
skills of our team.

Cultivated technical skill
and works of art born from
attention to detail

This cultivated technical skill and attention to
detail that have earned us our reputation in
stair-making are still strong with us today,
and we apply them to the beautiful
ornamental staircases and advanced spiral
staircases we make today.
We hope that you can catch a glimpse of the
spirit of our craftsmen, who honor both form
and beauty, in our stairs, which we would
dare to call works of art.

Ornamental/Spiral Stairs Gallery