Interior Stairs
The Best-selling Interior Steel Stairs.


Ready-made, Direct Installation TypeWidths available up to 1510mm

This is our best-selling line of Indoor steel stairs—it uses dual-layered treads that effectively dampen sound.
These stairs are well suited for office building applications in high-rises and skyscrapers.


The dual-layered treads are light
weight and effectively dampen

2.0mm steel plates are spot welded to create a
dual-layered tread which dampens the sound of
Our bending metal-plate processing yields rigid
treads that are both light weight and high

These are also high-performance
stairs for temporary installations.

The flat treads provide a sound walking surface
and do not allow water to collect on them.
They are resistant to the wear and tear of
temporary installations. They can provide a sound
and safe route for your work space.

Finishing work can be easily and
safely performed on these stairs.

The stair surface is steel plating, which allows for
simple surface preparation and sound and strong
gluing of flooring materials.

The underside of the stair landings
are also flat.

The flat structure of the underside of the stairs
demonstrates its superior design qualities.